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Invasion of Red-Footed Falcons at Cape Kolka

This year, at the end of August, several hundreds of red-footed falcons (Falco vespertinus) could be observed gathered together in one place – Cape Kolka. Usually one can encounter these interesting birds in the open areas – flying, floating in the air or sitting on the electric cables, dried tree-branches or the tips of the poles. A red-footed falcon is a small, beautiful bird of prey whose natural range spreads from the Hungarian steppes in Europe to the Baikal region in Asia. Nevertheless, news regarding the possible nesting of these bird species in Latvia is extremely controversial.  

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Above: Adult white-tailed eagle

Below: Young golden eagle

Illustrations: Peter Nilsson

Birdfair at Rutland Waters, UK


The British Birdwatching Fair or Birdfair is an annual event for birdwatchers, held every August at Rutland Water in England. It is the best event for marketing birdwatching sites and destinations and a perfect opportunitiy for Baltic Wings to promote the central Baltic area as a birding destination. Thousands of birdwatchers and nature lovers come to learn more about birdwatching trips, bird conservation and to look at birds in art. A large number of suppliers of binoculars, cameras, books, clothing and other birdwatching equipment display and sell their wares. There are also lectures and other attractions.

Föreningen Närsholmen represented Baltic Wings at the Birdshow, promoting all partner countries.

Bike nature trail on Gotland


Föreningen Närsholmen, our partner on Gotland, has posted 16 signs along a bicycle route in the south east part of the island Gotland.


Local groups are organising the trail, building a small bridge for bikes and cutting grass along the route near the coast. There will be bikes to rent along with binoculars, a map over local sights and interesting fauna and flora. Field guides, binoculars and lunch or just coffee and buns – “fika” as the Swedes call it – can be ordered for a long and rewarding day out in the field.


The bike nature trail passes two birding towers with excellent birding opportunities for golden eagles, white-tailed eagles, waders, barnacle geese and many other species, depending on season.

Click here for pdf of the map


Falsterbo Bird Show, Sweden


After only a week back on Gotland, Föreningen Närsholmen went to Falsterbo at the southern tip of Sweden to present Baltic Wings and promote the central Baltic as a birding area. Stockholms Ornitologiska Förening, StOF, also took part in the event, a miniature version of the Birdfair. Without having booked a tent we had some busy minutes evacuating our stand when it started to rain, but mostly it was very sunny and hot with raptors flying by overhead.

Info points on Gotland – sign production finished


Information signs to the eleven info points at the best birding sites on Gotland have been produced during the winter and spring and have now been put up out in the field.

The beautiful watercolour drawings are made by Peter Nilsson, a world class bird painter living on our neighbouring island Öland. Föreningen Närsholmen is extremely happy with his fantastic work!

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