Photos: Olof Åström (birdwatchers above), Karin Åström (orchids), Niclas Ahlberg (birds and birder)


Baltic Wings

Welcome to Baltic Wings

– nature tourism for sustainable rural economic development.


The Baltic Wings project was implemented during 2018–2020 with the support of interreg Central Baltic Program and co-financers in three countries. The project aimed to develop the Central Baltic area as a nature and birdwatching destination through infrastructure investments, capacity building in cooperation with local entrepreneurs as well as other stakeholders, marketing and information.


The area is important for migrating birds, has great natural beauty and excellent birding opportunities in all seasons. The project has resulted in new birding infrastructure and nature trails with information signs, information folders, birding hotspot maps and checklists. There are also suggested birding tours for each region or for the whole area that you can attend with a professional guide.


Information and tips that can facilitate your birdwatching trip to the area can be found on the page Visit