Photos: Niclas Ahlberg (golden eagle), Stefan Oscarsson/N (three-toed woodpecker)


The Project

Baltic Wings is a cross-border co-operation, promoting the central Baltic area as a birding and nature tourism destination. The area is important for migrating birds, has great natural beauty and excellent birding opportunities in all seasons.


Baltic Wings is focusing on developing high-standard birding attractions in order to attract more nature lovers and extend the tourism season, which is much needed in order to develop the countryside. Birding platforms, trails, hides and nature information signs and exhibitions will be constructed, tours will be organised, information folders, maps and a website will make the area accessible to keen birders and nature lovers.


By involving local partners who can develop tourism services, new work opportunities in rural areas will be created. Local guides are important for high-quality tours and guide education is an important part of the project.


The project partners include non-governmental organizations with members volunteering in the project as well as a national authority, a municipality and a small private enterprise.


The Birding

The central Baltic area has many different biotopes, suitable for a rich and interesting fauna with many species that are rare in the rest of Europe.


During migration the Arctic species pass, rest and feed along extensive undeveloped coastal areas – grasslands or bare, small islands in the archipelago.


During winter, Arctic waterfowl including large numbers of Long-tailed Ducks and rare ducks as the Steller’s Eider spend their time feeding in the central Baltic. Owls, woodpeckers and eagles can be seen all seasons and brighten birding during winter and early spring.

In summertime, the grazed meadows along our coasts, the rugged islands of the archipelago and boreal forests offer peaceful wildlife experiences, away from the crowds.

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